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    Wedgewood Village
    Mahtomedi, Minnesota
    Client: Capital Growth Real Estate, LLC
    Project Type: Commercial Development
    Scope of Services: Urban Design, AnimationAnd 3D Rendering
    Project Size: 13 Acres, 100,000 S.F.
    Construction Cost: Confidential


    Click Here For Animation 1
    The site is located at Highway 120 and Highway 242. It is currently a wooded area with a church and couple of houses on the site. Its north side is Highway 242 which is a major east-west corridor and leads to Still Water. Its east and south sides are newly developed town houses. The town house owners were skeptical about the development. Their concern was that the development might destroy the natural setting and its presence might not be harmonious with the surrounding residences. The owner asked Duan Corporation to provide urban design, animation and renderings to help win the City and neighbors support. Duan Corporation took the challenge by creating a small-town atmosphere to this commercial development. Create a green buffer zone between the site and residential neighbors; Introduce a pedestrian system that connect all buildings one the site and extend to the adjacent neighborhoods; Set a pleasant and inviting pond with a water fountain at the end of the entry axis, which acts as a gathering place and becomes an organizer to overall master plan; Provide outdoor patios and plazas which are linked by the pedestrian system. Understanding the importance of building characters, Duan Corporation designed and detailed every building on the site. It was the diversity, richness and harmony of the building characters that brought the life to the Village. The presentation was well received by the City and the neighbors.

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